Since the early 90’s Ashknuckles has been a part of West Coast hip hop culture from the pulse to the boardroom. During this incubation of the Southern California underground music scene, Ash was a supporter and in attendance of many movements from their birth stages. Ash was in attendance at underground gatherings such as Graveyard Shift, the legendary Unity parties and many other events that were considered the authentic, organic birth of Los Angeles hip hop.  As a result, event promoters, television networks & record labels have sought out Ash for her cutting edge ideas and she became known as a West Coast tastemaker. Her childhood classical piano training via the Suzuki Method also laid a strong foundation for understanding musical structure. In her youth, she also won the classical piano Bach Festival on two separate occasions.

Ash navigated through the underground for many years connecting with respected heavyweight artists, industry leaders and decision makers whilst always maintaining her responsibility to the community. She has worked with non-profit agencies for the elderly, at-risk youth and under-served teens. She served as a Teen Empowerment Instructor for the Step Up Women’s Network and as a media instructor at the former Hollywood Media Arts Academy.

Due to Ashknuckles’ deep roots in hip hop culture and wealth of knowledge in multiple genres of music, her eclectic selections landed her DJ residencies at the world-renowned Standard Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles from 2008-2012, later at The Hotel Erwin Rootop Bar and eventually as a co-host and DJ on 90.7FM KPFK Truthseekers Radio. Knuckles has also spun at the Magic Tradeshow in Las Vegas and other events.