1994 Rap Sheet Convention

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I remember I met ODB this day. He had just come down off stage and was all nasty stank sweaty. He was really tall and standing on the other side of this table I was next to. I was standing on a chair because I’m a ‘lil shorty. He looked over at me, grabbed my arm from across the table–lifted me up with one arm as I stepped on top of the table over to his side. I had a promotional Wu Tang bath size (facial size) towel hanging from my jeans. He snatched it from me, wiped all his sweat off with it and gave it back to me and said, “(slurp)…Take some of that back with you, kid (slurp)…” and that was it. I don’t even remember what my reaction was.  I think I just stood there part disgusted, part perplexed and part in awe that I had ODB’s sweat on my promo towel. But also low key kinda mad because it was a really cool towel lol. I never knew what happened to that towel, I tried to hold on to it as long as I could. But as you know, the life when you’re wilin’ and young…shit happens. I still have a similar promo item Kardinal Offishal towel from the same time though. But I’ll be forever wondering about that ODB towel!